Hey there, I'm Kyleen!

Thank you so much for visiting my site and taking the time to get to know me – and most importantly, my photography. 

I have lived in five states in my life and have always considered photography to be what held my memories of these places I have lived closest to my heart. When I was young I would use my mom’s panoramic film camera to take photos of our neighbours and always felt like it was just a hobby that I really enjoyed doing. I didn’t begin to consider photography as a career until 2008 when we were living in Colorado surrounded by the beautiful mountains. I dedicated so much time to photographing their natural beauty and knew that photography is where my heart was meant to be. In 2009 I started my photography business and haven’t been able to picture my life any other way.

While my passion lies mostly with photography, I also am an avid reader. I love getting completely swept away in a story and imagining the characters and settings as I read further and further into the book.

Even though I now live in Minnesota, I am a true Michigander – born and raised. I am a die-hard Michigan State fan, DIE-HARD. It gets fun during the college football season!

~Photo provided by Red Barn Photography, Windom, MN~


Meet Maverick

Maverick is our ten year old border collie/australian shepherd. He's lived in more states than most people! I have loved horses my whole life and was so sad to have to say goodbye to them when my husband and I moved from the country to town, but am so glad that Maverick has always been able to stick by our side!


My Family

I have a son who is 7, and a daughter who is 3 that keep me so busy! I love them more than I can ever put into words and am so fortunate to be able to capture their childhood through my love for photography. My personal project lately is capturing their lives on film, just as mine was as a child. I am also so thankful for my supportive husband who I am so lucky to spend my life with!

~Photo provided by Red Barn Photography, Windom, MN~